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Ulfat Abdul

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When I was a little girl my parents used to spend the summer in the mountains. I used to wander around the small village around my favourite place “The Bakery”. I loved the aroma of baked goodies in the early morning. I went to the baker and I asked if I could work there. He looked at me with a grin on his face and said “what can you do? You are seven years old!” I told him never to underestimate me I can do more than what he thinks. I told him that I love to bake and eat sweets. After convincing him he said that he will let me watch as long I don’t touch anything and he will reward me with a treat at the end of the day. That was a great deal. I got to watch bakers and have sweets. How can I resist? Every summer we visited it was my job to watch, eat sweets, and work officially at the bakery. I loved it.




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